Bittersweet Beach House
Short Term Lease Agreement
Address:                                   Phone #:
Property Location: “Bittersweet Cottage” One Longwave Place, Scarborough, Maine
Arrival Date:                   Departure Date:
Total Weeks:               Total cost per week:
Deposit Due:                              Balance Tax Due :
Security Deposit-- $500.00
Final payment, Tax and Security deposit due in full one month prior to arrival date.
Total # of Adults______________ Total # of Children______________

1. Rental agreement is for a maximum of 12 people, with day & night time parking of three cars. Adjustments to the  above  numbers may differ with the approval of owner. The Renter understands that the bittersweet cottage will not be host to weddings, wedding receptions, before or after parties or host to anyone day or night not listed on this contract. The renter understands that the week stay or remaining days can be forfeited with lost of rental fee if above teams are not met at any time during your stay.

2.Term: This lease agreement begins at 3:00pm on the arrival date shown and ends at 10:00am on the departure date shown.
3. Security Deposit: $500.00 Your security deposit may be used to repair any damage to the premises that occurs during your stay with us, excluding normal wear and tear, and to comply with any other provisions of this lease agreement. This may include, but is not necessarily limited to expenses and labor incurred to remove trash (pick up out on East Grand Ave. EARLY Friday mornings) expenses and labor incurred to return the premises to a rentable condition. Cleaning of property over and above the normal cleaning after and renter leaves. Long distant phone calls, please use calling card for non-local calls and noncompliance with our no smoking or pet policy . Please smoke outside only and pick up all smoked cigarettes.
4. Care: You agree to use the rented property in a careful and proper manner and to comply with all ordinance and regulations related to your occupancy of the rented property. The premises must be left in a neat, clean and orderly condition, AS YOU FOUND IT APON ARRIVAL, prior to your departure. Dish washer empty, all dirty bath towels left by washing machine Please start first wash, furnishings put back in original place, all sand sweep from inside of home, refrigerator cleaned out and wiped down. Time spent doing extra cleaning will be charged at $75.00 per hour.
6. Abandoned Property: Owners will not be responsible for personal property left behind. We will make every effort to return any items found.
Security Deposit Release: This rented property will be inspected by the owner following your departure. After seeing that the property has been left in a clean and acceptable condition we will return your deposit to you within 30 days following your departure date. If the owner determines that the premises was not left in a clean and acceptable condition or that any provision of this agreement has not been met, then the owner reserves the right to retain all or a portion of the security deposit. If this happens, we will notify you and will provide a detailed description of the items needed to repair and or replacement,or the work required and the associated costs.
8. Refunds: If you need to cancel this agreement, you must notify us in writing by U.S. Mail. If rental property can be booked again all monies will be refunded. If we can not book your week the deposit will not be refunded. In the event of a catastrophic systems failure that prevents the property from being occupied, a refund amount will be calculated based on occupancy. Owner will not provide compensation or provide an alternative rental property because of dissatisfaction with the property, because some equipment in the property is not working to your satisfaction, because of construction noise on or around the property or because of inclement weather. Your comfort and satisfaction is very important to us and we will make every effort to address the situation, however no refunds or rebates can be guaranteed.
9. Warranties and Representations: By signing this agreement, you understand and agree that no one has made or will make any implied or express warranties, guarantees or representations regarding the nature, condition, safety or security of the rented property. You acknowledge that you have either inspected the property or have waived your opportunity to do so. The property owners are not responsible for inability to occupy the premises due to acts of God, including but not limited to hurricane, windstorm, flood or red tide.
10. Indemnity: By signing this agreement, you understand and agree that the property owner is to be held free and harmless from all liability and claims for injury of any kind to any person (including you, your family and/or guest) or for the property damage of any kind whatsoever, from any causes whatsoever while in, upon or connected with the premises in any way during the term of this agreement or during any extension of this agreement.
11. Miscellaneous: (a) This lease agreement represents the entire and singular agreement between you and the property owner and no modification, change, or amendments will be binding unless in writing and signed by both you and the property owner. (b) All provision of this lease agreement shall apply to the heirs, executors, representatives and successors of both you and the property owner.
(c) in the event any legal action or other proceedings are instituted to enforce any or part of this agreement to recover any rent due or recover possession of the premises for any default or breach of this agreement by you, and the property owner is the prevailing party, you agree to pay the property owners reasonable attorney fees, costs and expenses. (d) You agree to vacate and deliver premises to the property owner peaceably and quietly at the end of this rental term. (e) In the event that any provision of this lease, or a portion thereof, is held to be unenforceable, invalid, void or illegal by any court or jurisdiction, then the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions or portions thereof shall not be affected or otherwise impaired. (f) You and the property owner agree that the laws or the state of Maine shall apply to the interpretation and enforcement of this agreement and that the courts of the state of Maine shall have jurisdiction in any proceeding to enforce the terms of this agreement. (g) The mailing address stated in this agreement will remain your address for the mailing of all notices unless you notify us in writing of any changes. The first class mailing of any notice by the property owner to you will be considered as fulfilling any obligation notify or communicate with you.

15, Please fill out guest list that will be staying with you during your stay. Name and A for adult C for child.

Guest list 






12. Our mailing address is 3 Short Street Amesbury, Ma. 10913 You may contact us at
978/854-2689 or e-mail

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Short Term Lease Agreement
Contact Information Sheet

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Jack & Kelsa McDermott
3 Short Street
Amesbury, MA. 01913
Cell Phone 978/854-2689
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